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That is, nothing has been deleted, it just has been marked as hidden. (IIRC) I had similar problem with Chrome bookmarks. As I had the problems with Chrome, I opened it with Opera, copied all the folders from Chrome to Opera's temp directory and deleted those folders after some editing with the help of notepad. As for how you can do that you can find out what those folders are via File Explorer and then rename them to hidden. I am not so sure it will work for you, though. // Load the configuration, this can also be dynamically loaded from url. var configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder() .SetBasePath(this.configFolder) .AddJsonFile(path) .Build(); this.Logger = LogManager.ForContext(nameof(ApplicationDbContext)); foreach (var type in ModelBuilder.Current.Model.Types) { var typeName = type.Name; var interfaceTypeName = type.BaseTypeName; // Emit a comment for the controller that maps to the entity type for the model // so you know what model should be created when calling `Add-Migration "NameOfYourMigration"` this.Logger.LogComment(string.Format(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, "Mapping {0} to {1}", typeName, interfaceTypeName)); // To emit an entity, or DbModelBuilder will throw an exception if (typeName == "Product") { // Emit a migration for the `Product` entity




Platinum Hide IP Incl Patch [vokeon] safrpoin

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