I love what I do!

I consider myself very fortunate to be doing the work I love – designing and creating jewellery. But, I’m not doing that every day. I quickly came to the realisation that to ensure I can keep doing what I love, my working week cannot consist solely of burying myself in my workshop creating. Wouldn’t it be great if that were possible! Well, to make sure I can keep creating, I must spend time on marketing, events, social media and so on. But design ideas come to me all the time. So, I tend to carry a sketchbook with me at all times – sometimes I make notes and other times it might be a doodle of an idea or a sketch and whilst my inclination is to dash off and test my ideas with a design and prototype, sometimes that is not possible.

Last weekend I was looking at some photos and came across one I took back in the middle of November whilst I was sitting having a coffee with my sister (she had coffee, I definitely had hot chocolate). You can see that I thought it would be a good idea to add some quirky mushroom/toadstool pendants to my Enchanted Collection. I already have some little mushroom earrings that have proven extremely popular. This idea hasn’t been lost, but November and December were so busy with pre-Christmas events and orders that I really could do no more than ‘park’ the idea.

Now? Well, now is the time to dust that idea off. Again, progress came whilst stopping for a break – unfortunately, new year resolutions has seen the hot chocolate and cake give way to peppermint tea and ryvita with hummous – pity. Last weekend, whilst having a break, I sketched out some quirky mushrooms that had been ‘growing’ in my mind and I am about to take out some silver and start creating. I’ll be sure to let you see the result.

I hope all of your resolutions are going well.

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