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My jewellery making exploits began many years ago, stringing beads together to make colourful and wearable jewellery. Throughout raising a family and a career in the private sector, my love of creating has never waned and I indulged whenever I could, making for friends and family, taking on commissions in a small way.

In 2016 I decided, from a ‘now or never’ point of view, that it was time to embrace what I am most passionate about. So, I took the plunge, leaving my job to become a full-time designer/maker of jewellery. Many of my ex-colleagues would say that I ‘gave up work’ to pursue my creative passion and whilst that is true……I didn’t just stop working. I have worked very hard to bring Jewellery by Annamarie to life and I just love it.

I now have the time to indulge my creative ideas and let them take flight. Lol - I love sentences like that! And, they’re true - with a big BUT. The creative work has to be balanced with commercial objectivity, organisation and effective planning – to ensure my dream really does become a reality. I work predominantly with silver, combining traditional silversmithing techniques with contemporary mediums. I accent some pieces with gold and/or genuine gemstones. All my work is individually bench made by hand and most are very detailed. Now, almost 2 years later, I’ve just exhibited at my first trade show and have already booked again for next year. These are the shows where I hope to cultivate relationships with potential stockists –both shops and galleries – so watch this space for updates on my journey.

I love being in my workshop, bringing my ideas to life, with my radio on and my beagle in his bed by my workshop door. However, the trade show was great – getting to meet other designer/makers and see their beautiful work first hand and share stories and dreams – such a satisfying experience.

And now, it’s back to my workshop to fulfil some orders and build my stock for the upcoming shows I have planned.

Hope your year is going to plan for you.

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