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Each and every piece of my jewellery is designed and created in my workshop based in the wonderful countryside of Monmouthshire, South Wales.

I use traditional silversmithing techniques in conjunction with the comparatively new medium of silver clay.  I am excited by the symbiotic potential of joining both mediums to create unique, detailed works of art in precious metal.

Sketching new jewellery designs
Walking for design inspiration


I have been making jewellery since a young age.  Even before studying at Birmingham School of Jewellery I was stringing homemade clay beads together.  It is only in more recent years that I have taken the plunge to start my own business.

From an early age I have enjoyed learning about folklore and myths and been entertained by the imagination of those creative artists such as Tolkein, CS Lewis and Lewis Carroll - to name the more well known. 


I have always believed that perception forms a person's reality and it is lovely to look at the world in different ways.

In 2019 I moved to Wales and through my workshop window I enjoy watching the wonder of nature through the changing seasons.

So nature, both real and imagined, influences my designs.

Not always in my imagined worlds, I am passionate about protecting our environment.  This informs my personal choices but also those for my business - I always choose either fair trade or recycled precious metal to work with, as well as ethically sourced gemstones.  My packaging is made from recycled products and the boxes are bio-degradable.


I also offer workshops for anyone who wants to come along to my fully equipped studio to learn a new skill or make a piece of jewellery for themselves or someone special.  Take a look at my Workshops page to see what takes your interest.

Jewellery Workshops by Annamarie


I love working on commissions – working with a client on a design that means something to them and bringing that design to life in a piece of unique jewellery, for them to cherish forever.   

I undertake commissions that are in keeping with my style of work.

If you would like to commission a piece of jewellery, please get in touch - I would love to work with you.

Workshop Tools at Jewellery by Annamarie
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