One of the Druid Sacred Three, the oak tree is considered to have many powerful properties. In Ogham tree lore, the oak is attributed with powers of protection strength, success, stability, healing, fertility, health, money and good luck. Oak has been considered sacred by just about every culture that has encountered the tree but it was held in particular esteem by the Norse and Celts because of its size, longevity and nutritious acorns

This beautiful pendant has been handcrafted in fine silver using a real oak leaf as a template. It has the markings of a real leaf but has been polished to a high shine.



Ould Man Oak - Oak Leaf Pendant

Chain length
  • The pendant is 28mm long by 24mm at the widest point.  It is hung on a sterling silver chain


    The pendant comes in my bespoke box with pretty tissue, a velvet pouch and a complimentary chocolate.