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Sterling Silver Cuff - Skeleton Leaf

Sterling Silver Cuff - Skeleton Leaf


A sterling silver cuff - imprinted with skeleton leaves.


This fabulous, easy to wear cuff has been inspired, and made from, skeleton leaves.

Picked up whilst out walking, the leaves have been imprinted in sheet silver and curved around silver wire.   Although one of my customers loves her cuff and sees not skeleton leaf imprint but dragon scale............either is right, depending on what you see.


This process can be replicated but each result will be slightly different, making each cuff unique.

The cuff has been oxidised and the polished to highlight the natural leaf detail ....... showcase that dragon hide....hmmm.


  • Sterling Silver Cuff - Skeleton Leaf

    The cuff is approximstely 60mm at the widest point and made chunky with layers of silver - approximately 3mm thick.

    This cuff has been made for a medium sized wrist. 

    To order your size -  look at the Sizing Guide which you will find in 'More' on the homepage toolbar - this explains how to measure for your cuff or bangle size.

    Cuffs and bangles can be made using this technique but each result is a little different - making each unique.

    The cuff is delivered in my eco-friendly bespoke packaging.