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Fairy Twinkle silver bangle with Chrome Diopside gemstones

Fairy Twinkle silver bangle with Chrome Diopside gemstones


This is a fabulous bangle - hand formed in chunky 4mm round wire.

The silver has been hammered to add attractive texture which catches the light with movement.


A faceted Chrome Diopside gemstone has been set into each bangle end - your own little faery light twinkle on your wrist.

The bangle has a protection rune engraved at each end.


Chrome Diopside is a gemstone that delivers a rich green brilliance - only accessible for mining for 3 months of the year, this is an expensive, highly sought after gemstone.






  • Made to Order

    Please note: this bangle is made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

    Choose your size using the Sizing Guide which you will find in 'More' on the homepage toolbar.

    However, if the finished product, in the size you require, is currently available in stock, the item will be sent in 3-5 working days.

    Should you require the bangle urgently, please contact the workshop through the 'Contact Page' and we will accommodate if possible.

    The bangle is delivered in my eco-friendly bespoke packaging.