Enamelled Silver Sycamore Leaf Pendant

Enamelled Silver Sycamore Leaf Pendant


Sterling Silver Sycamore Leaf Pendant enamelled with spring green.

This silver pendant has been made using a real sycamore leaf as a template.  The natural form of the leaf are captured in detail.


This detail can be seen through the colour.  

The green colour has been achieved with traditional vitreous enamel and a transparent enamel has been used to allow the natural leaf detail to show.


For anyone who loves nature and wearing it in a durable and lasting way.



Chain length
  • Enamelled Silver Sycamore Leaf Pendant

    The pendant 41mm long and 36mm at the widest point.

    The pendant is hung on a sterling silver chain.


    The pendant is delivered in my eco-friendly bespoke packaging.



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