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Sterling silver round stud earrings.

Sterling silver round stud earrings.


Sterling silver stud earrings..


Easy to wear every day earrings.

Little silver lily pads - the silver has been reticulated to create an eye catching, unique surface.


Each of the pieces in this collection are one off, unique items.  You will receive the earrings in the pictures.






  • Sterling silver round stud earrings

    The earrings are approximately 9mm round.

    The earring, pin and butterfly clasp are sterling silver.

    In this collection, each piece is made using a technique called reticulation - making every piece unique.  When you buy, you will receive the one in the pictures and I will replace the item with another - with independent pictures because it will be different to yours.

    The earrings will be dispatched in my eco friendly bespoke packaging.