Hello - welcome to my blog.  This is where you can see what I've been up to - both at work and out and about at events.

This is where I will share upcoming plans - an overview of what I'm working on and sometimes, the detail too.

What's wrong with mixed media........?

I’m sat here looking out of my workshop window whilst writing this blog; it’s sunny with only a few fluffy clouds in the sky – it’s not exactly hot but it seems full of promise for a lovely summer ahead. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a promise kept! Those of you who are becoming familiar with my blogs will hopefully recognise that I have an innate sunny disposition and a ‘cup half full’ approach to life. However, today I want to write about something that has lately disappointed me. I recently met someone who has been working in the jewellery industry for most of his life and who was very complimentary about my work. Naturally, for me, this was an invitation to talk about

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