Hello - welcome to my blog.  This is where you can see what I've been up to - both at work and out and about at events.

This is where I will share upcoming plans - an overview of what I'm working on and sometimes, the detail too.

Shows, Shows, Shows...…..what to do about shows!

Well, with Christmas almost upon us, I have now done my last show of 2018 and am working on a number of commissions before turning to my sketchbook to finalise the look of my new collection for Spring 2019. But less of that as this blog is about the wonderful, fun but confusing and frustrating world of shows. I love doing shows – shows, markets, fairs, events – call them what you will, I just love doing them. I suppose the life of a jeweller can be quite isolated, especially if you are lone working in your home based workshop. For me, it’s great to get out and chat to other artists, people who are as passionate about what they do as I am. I also find that people tend to be so generous wi

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