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I find my inspiration in so many different places. It could be an old church door, cloud shapes, nature or something I read that sparks an idea, or fills me with emotion that leads to an idea, that I eventually turn into a handmade piece of jewellery.

Sometimes, the end piece doesn't bear an evident resemblance to the initial inspiration but it still comes from that first kernel of inspiration that sparked an idea. I love walking and here is a lovely view that inspired my Opulence Collection. You may ask where the connection is. The fluid lines of the collection can be seen in the curves of coastlines and mountainside pathways.

My recent trip home to County Mayo, where I spent a lot of my childhood in my grandparents home, provided a wealth of such inspiration, leaving me excited to get back to my workshop to start designing. Have a look at the breathtaking views from Croagh Patrick and from the top of the hill behind my home. Really, there is no need to look elsewhere for inspiration

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