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New beginnings.......

20th March 2021

Can you believe it is spring? I revel in this time of year – so much promise.

I think the seasons are March – May is Spring; then June – August is Summer and so on. But it seems to fall down when we get to November – which always seems to me like it should belong to the Winter season – what do you think?

This time of year always sees me wanting to add to my Woodland Collection. All pieces have been made from leaved that I've picked up while out walking.

I love this little Sycamore pendant which is set off beautifully with a faceted peridot drop - although I have made it with an Aquamarine drop for a customer.

I think the reason I love this little pendant so much is that it is unusual to find a baby leaf so fully formed but developed enough that the silver can pick up the natural vein detail – so it’s become one of my favourites. Lovely when teamed up with the Sycamore earrings.

There will be another collection released soon – or rather an addition to the Little Critters Collection. This will be Honey Bee jewellery. I made the sketches in January, and I’ve been depletion gilding each piece so that I can reticulate before casting. The reticulation will give each piece a unique shape and texture. I’ve added a pic of the cuff sketch as a little tease……………

There ill be a pendant, earrings, brooch, a ring and a cuff/bangle.

I am hoping they will be ready in time for the April newsletter .............fingers crossed.

The newsletter is where I publish all news first – new pieces, events, discounts and offers. I often showcase new pieces of jewellery in the newsletter just before they are added to the website. I often make ‘one off’ pieces or limited edition items that are offered exclusively to subscribers. If you would like to make sure you are kept up to date you can easily subscribe by visiting the home page of the website. Give it a go.


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