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A long time coming...……...

I’ve been very tardy in keeping up with my blog……however, it has been a very busy time.

Since Christmas I’ve had two grand-babies – my first grandchildren. I don’t think there is anything quite like it – I now have a grandson and a granddaughter, and I love them both to the moon & back.

I’ve also moved house and moved workshop.

One of my stockists is The Craft Renaissance Gallery. I first met the owners at the BCTF (British Craft Trade Fair) April 2018. When I visited their gallery a couple of months later, to deliver my first order, I enjoyed a cup of coffee in the incredibly beautiful Monmouthshire countryside where the gallery is based. I very clearly remember rhapsodising to Hele, one of the owners, about the location and commenting, with a touch of wishful thinking, how wonderful it must be to work in such a place. Never did I think that I would get the opportunity to do so.

Here I am now, in a fab new workshop space which is big enough for me to also run courses/workshops. I will be running courses in wire weaving, silver clay jewellery making and traditional silversmithing.

Another advantage is that I am now surrounded by like minded on-site artists, all of whom are so friendly and supportive. Why not plan a trip to visit The Craft Renaissance Gallery where you will find friendly, knowledgeable gallery owners showcasing amazing work from local artists. You can also visit the on-site workshops – and see handmade fine furniture, glasswork, jewellery, textiles, wire sculptures and botanical watercolours – all fabulous. You can finish off your visit in the onsite café, run by the lovely Santa who serves fresh, homemade and locally grown & made produce.

To take advantage of this opportunity, I did have to move house as well – but I am thoroughly enjoying the Welsh countryside and the absence of the Birmingham traffic jams – although I do regularly stop to allow a family of sheep to cross the road!

With all this going on, I managed to fit in designing and making a new collection too……phew! It’s named The Green Man – check it out on my website.

So, please forgive the delayed blog but I think you’ll agree, I have been very busy……lol.

The pictures are of my workshop – inside and from the hills across the road – where I walk most days for a break from the bench.

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