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A recent survey, carried out by The Great British Exchange has revealed that ‘shoppers are crying out for British made products’ and, it would seem, could be tempted back to the high street if such were on offer.

Read the article here:

We’re here. All those independent artists & makers – we’re here working desperately hard to be found.

I do wonder at the demographic sampling for the survey. I was at a fair not too long ago, showcasing my bench made jewellery and one customer, who wanted to purchase an item with a weight of over 10gms of silver and nearly four hours work – stated she had plenty silver chains at home so if I removed the chain could she have the pendant for £5 – ‘cos after all, it’s only handmade’!! So it concerns me that people may well be looking for handmade British products but not everyone is prepared to pay for them. Surely if they were, we wouldn’t see so many of the independents closing down, being lost from city high streets and from small towns which lose the very thing that contributes to attracting visitors.

So again – we’re here!

The burning question for all of us, is how are we to be found by enough people who want to buy from us?

In this unusually short (for me) blog can I also ‘cry out’ – a plea for people to shop with thought for the independent artists this Christmas. If, like the article above suggests, you are looking for beautiful, unique, hand-made items visit the local craft fairs and makers shows, or if you know someone who lives locally, why not commission something special.

Every time you buy from an independent artist / maker – they do a 'happy dance' and are so appreciative of your support. You are helping to ensure that they are still around next Christmas, with another offering of unique, beautiful, hand made British products.

Take a look at the @justacardcampaign and do what you can.

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