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Fail to plan, and you plan to fail!!

I get it. And, since starting my own business I have worked hard to amend my procrastinating ways. But really, these first couple of months of 2018 have involved so much planning for the year – from researching and booking events through to writing a mini brochure for the trade shows I’m doing this year and lots more in between. Hmmm…..I just slipped that in there, but yes, I am doing a couple of trade shows for the first time this year, the first one being the British Craft Trade Show. My events calendar will be updated and visible on my website very soon and among the shows I’m doing this year I’m thrilled to let you know that I’ve been accepted to exhibit at the Craft in Focus Desire Jewellery & Silversmithing Show – a prestigious event – more details to follow.

But it’s not all been admin. I’ve recently created some new pieces to add to my existing collections and I’ve had some professional photos taken by Lewis Maxwell – Maxwell Commercial Photographers – so I’m really excited. Watch out for some upcoming posts.

Back to the subject of planning. I feel really on top of things when I put aside the time to plan, organise and prepare but it can be overdone as well. I like to try for a balance between organised and winging it – a sort of forgiving organised. It can be difficult if you’re very creative as this can take you down unexpected and unplanned routes – so it is important to know what deviation or distraction you should follow and what you should park so it doesn’t undermine your overall aims. To help with this I walk everyday – to help clear my head and focus. Of course I have to walk, because my dog wouldn’t have it any other way but I do value the time. Plus with the weather we’re having at the moment, it certainly blows the cobwebs away!!


I found a pad in a shop called TIGER – a big A4 pad - one week to a page with 7 columns, one for each day. I complete this either at the weekend or first thing every Monday morning as I kind of map for the week – I rip the page out and stick it above my workshop bench – to keep me on track. I make sure that the weekly tasks listed correspond with my overall aims for the year. But it does take constant work or it can slip so easily.

The important thing to remember is that it is when we are busiest that we can’t find the time to plan and organise but this is the very time that it is most needed so that we can stay on track and not lose sight of our goals and dreams.

Do you ever take time to stop, lift your head above the parapet, and ask if you’re going in the right direction? And what do you do with the answer?

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