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I’ll be honest with you – hearts have never really been my jewellery of choice. If you are getting to know me and my work, you’ll know that it’s nature and my imagination that influence my designs. But my mom used to wear a heart all the time. I remember her wearing it for special occasions when I was young but as time went on, it was a permanent fixture around her neck. When we lost her last year I decided to design a couple. I now make a lovely heart with smooth curves of highly polished silver and a little flower attached to the chain, in tribute to my mom. Then I turned to sterling silver wire and free form to organically create a larger heart and, to appease my love of nature, it is adorned with a pretty little hand cut flower. This is a fab pendant that looks best when hung on a long, chunky silver chain, making it very ‘now’ in a trendy way and very versatile.

These two lovely hearts, along with a few other pretty pieces, can be found in my Hearts and Flowers Collection and are a fab choice for your Mom – it covers the hearts and flowers, but you’ll have to sort the chocolates yourself!!

To all Moms out there – I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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